Mr Mrs Wilson……Huntingdon Cambs

We had looked around for a residential home to site in our son’s garden for 4 months and had differing information with regards to planning, build specifications/utilities and couldn’t get a realistic view of prices. We then met with Ownland Homes at a show at the NEC.

OwnLand Homes changed all that for us, we sat down with them and they went through everything in detail at our speed, never once did we feel pressured. They were caring and courteous, they gave us a few ideas to make the home special for us which we hadn’t considered previously. After the first meeting we had no doubts as to who would be the supplier for our home.



Mrs Bellamy…….Poole in Dorset

My daughter and son-in-law wanted me to move in with them but I wanted my independence even though I have a slight disability. I started looking for options, sell my home, and use the money to extend my daughter’s home but that seemed to be messy and time consuming. A friend then mentioned I should look at a residential mobile home and put it in Jill & Dave’s garden. Didn’t even know you could do that and didn’t particularly want to live in a caravan. After the usual Google search I found OwnLand Homes. They spent a lot of time understanding what I needed and would like my home to be like, they understood my disability and designed a home specifically for me. They arranged the planning, delivered the home and sited it as per my specifications, arranged the groundworks and utilities all within budget. Anyone thinking of buying a residential mobile home should talk to Ownland and go to their show home centre in Rushden it’s amazing. I’ve now been in my home for 18 months and still hear from Ownland they have an excellent customer service system, and it most certainly isn’t a caravan.